Art Gallery Events

It has been said that the art field is becoming an “event driven” industry. When speaking with our dealers around the country, every one of them said that when they hosted an event that featured one or two artists, they saw a spike in sales. It’s easy to surmise by hosting more events in your gallery, you will see a dramatic shift in business.

On February 13th, 2013, the Eclectic Image Gallery hosted a show for Daniel on the island of Maui in their beautiful space.  They sold 40% of the originals that were sent for the show within days of the opening. They also sold and took orders for a number of limited edition canvases. They adorned their gallery with red umbrellas hanging from the ceiling as well as red carpets and live music. Even the gallery owner Becky wore a stunning red dress for the evening.

Both Daniel and Cathy are charismatic artists and bring a lot of excitement to a room. We look forward to personal appearance in your gallery soon!