In The Light Of Autumn by Tim Gagnon I See Me In A Tree by Tim Gagnon

Tim Gagnon

Tim Gagnon

"I gain my inspiration from the human mind. I find it fascinating how humans think, and act. We try so hard to be individuals, to be different… but by doing so, we are all the same. I find nature to be the most beautiful thing in the world, yet, we are so quick to destroy it. My style is defined by my mood. I can paint flowing clean landscapes, if that is how I interpret it, or, I may paint thick, slashed paintings, that have emotion and energy. It is also fun to try to interpret other peoples thoughts. To have someone explain an idea to me, and see how close our imaginations are. It always turns out interesting. I enjoy painting things that have meaning, or energy. I am always thinking when I’m painting. I don’t try to reproduce images how they are filtered through our eyes, but how I envision them in my mind."


  • Top 50 Emerging Artists of 2012 by Art Business News
  • 2011 Art Expo Challenge Winner (out of over 700 artists)
  • Gagnon’s Artwork is collected in over 30 countries, and all 50 states. Also in a variety of corporate collections.
  • Has taught over 3000 people his techniques worldwide online.
  • Over 47,000 Youtube Subscribers
  • Over 41,000 Facebook Likes
  • Published in multiple publications; Art Business News, American Art Collector, Manhattan Arts, Empty Easel

Tim regularly takes commissions.

Display Works:
  • Limited Editions
  • Originals